Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cross The Bridge

New Work:

"Cross the Bridge"
5 feet x 6 feet
oil on canvas


Christopher Hall said...

I saw this painting at O.C.A.D yesterday. Out of the entire exhibit, this was the only piece that stood out to me. I found a stool and sat there for about 45 minutes looking at it.
Thank you for that.


Kristin Vincec said...

Thank you so much Christopher, it means a lot to know that all the hard work payed off to know that even one person truly got to experienced it.

my website should be up and running sometime this summer so this blog is the basis of my networking for now!
I'll be updating as much as i can with new works

thanks again!
Hopefully you enjoyed the show

Jase said...

Yes, I agree with Chris. I saw this today at OCAD and it got me really emotional and was by far my favourite of the day. You have such talent! <33

Kristin Vincec said...

thank you so much for the comment!
Glad to hear you liked it!

Lucas Espin said...

i love this painting. you really hit it on the nail